Wear more than once before washing

Less laundry means less pressure on the planet!

If not really dirty rub of small stains with a damp cloth and hang in fresh air over night. Then you are good to go.

Wash at low temperatures (30°C or less)

Low temperatures will reduce energy consumption and will ease the carbon footprint. Make sure to turn your clothes inside out before washing. This way fabrics and prints will look fresh longer. Wash new clothes and textiles separately before its first use.

Use an eco-friendly and unscented detergent

To avoid allergies and to reduce water pollution.

Skip fabric softener

It’s simply not necessary!

Make the most of your machine

Fill up your machine to the maximum capacity. This will save you time and lots of water and electricity. Be aware of how much your maschine can handle though.

No tumble dry

Fresh air will do the trick! Turn your clothes inside out (to prevent colours from fading) and line dry.

Thank you

For all your efforts. You rock!