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STUDIO – The Playhouse

Whenever people stop by the Studio, the little wooden house that makes my office and workshop often puzzles them. I guess it is not the most common thing to run a company from a “playhouse” like this.

So why? Why not a simple room with walls and a proper showroom? Well, actually that was how it started. With a simple room I mean. No showroom.

When Weasel Wardrobe was founded back in 2016 the studio was placed at our home.

We had turned our small 8m2 bedroom into a fully functional workspace/office/storage/packing area. Nothing fancy and very small, but certainly enough to get started. The first prototypes, samples and final garments were all made in that tiny studio.

But we soon ran out of space. With boxes everywhere and a growing family we decided that Weasel Wardrobe had to move.

I began to look for a place where I was allowed to bring my noisy sewing machines. A space big enough to fit in a wide table for fabrics, an area for textile printing and a small space for storage. Last but no least it had to be cheap! As an upcoming entrepreneur, the last thing you need is more expenses.

Such a place seemed impossible to find, so we had to be creative.

My better half Klement, runs his own workshop and studio – Burning Snail. The studio is huge and certainly big enough to fit in a small office area, but the space is used for lots of different purposes, so nothing can be permanent.

After talking though different possibilities, we came up with the idea of a playhouse on wheels. A similar setup to the former studio with little areas for stitching, packing and so on – but with the ability to open up and expand when needed. Also, everything can be packed up in a few hours and moved to another area.

The wooden house is partly made from left over materials and has a simple design. A desk for stitching and packing. Room for stock items below and a wide table in the middle for cutting and printing.

The “playhouse” has now been my Studio for almost two years and it has turned out to work surprisingly well. It suits my “less is more” mantra and I have always loved to “travel light”.

I might need more space in the future – but until then this little wooden box is my castle.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by. I would love to give you the grand tour and say hi!