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As some of you may know my journey as a Designer started in Fast Fashion. Making menswear – mostly Knit, Jerseys and Graphics.

It was before Instagram people – believe it or not! A different world back then. No one talked about sustainability. No one, or maybe a few good hearted people, questioned the poor working conditions of the farmers and factory workers in the far east.

It was during those years as a young designer I first learned the expression Value for Money.

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STUDIO – The Playhouse

Whenever people stop by the Studio, the little wooden house that makes my office and workshop often puzzles them. I guess it is not the most common thing to run a company from a “playhouse” like this.

So why? Why not a simple room with walls and a proper showroom? Well, actually that was how it started. With a simple room I mean. No showroom.

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“The detour”

I have been waiting for the right moment to kick off this Journal and with the Summer Holidays coming up – I thought – this is it! Hopefully you will have time to enjoy a bit of reading over the summer.

In this journal, I will share with you my work and thoughts, facts about sustainable fashion, studio life and much more. I will also add little pieces of inspiration and interviews with other designers and small business owners as we go along. But first, I will tell you about my “detour”.

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