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What we do and why we do it

The fashion industry is one the most polluting industries in the World. This has to change!

At Weasel Wardrobe we work hard to make a difference and to make a more sustainable product.

This is how it is done…

Design and Stitching

All Weasel garments are designed with people and planet in mind. We do our best to reduce use and only work with certified fabrics known to support farmers and workers in every process.

Stitching and printing is done with lots of love at our own little studio in Denmark. We want each piece to represent good craftsmanship and we wish to keep things local.

Our products are meant to last longer. Since children grow fast, all our garments are made adjustable to fit the growth of the child. This way we try to reduce consumption.

All products are of course made without harmful chemicals and all cotton is organic.

Sales & Shipping

We aim to minimize the use of both paper and plastic. All bags and boxes, notes and cards are made of either recycled paper or come from suppliers working with sustainable forestry.

All company waste is sorted and handed in for recycling if possible.

We have carefully chosen our carrier for their green efforts to reduce use and to ease the carbon footprint.

We want to keep improving and are always looking for new and more sustainable ways to do business.

Use & Reuse  

We hope to see our products used by lots of different children and would like to encourage all customers to make sure clothes and textiles are reused when no longer needed.

Want more?

Follow out Studio life on Instagram or go to Magazine to read more about Weasel Wardrobe, our work and the people behind. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!